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Property Tax

From unitary assessments of national utilities, to malls, businesses, homes, and everything in between, our team has successfully assisted property owners in achieving favorable property tax outcomes. As nationally recognized attorneys in this field, we have the expertise to efficiently assist you with the taxes on your most valuable assets. As Utah’s foremost property tax experts, we bring a breadth of knowledge garnered from national appeals and committee participation.

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Sales and Use Tax

You plan for your personal income and corporate taxes, why not plan for the taxes on your purchases as well? Our team has the knowledge and experience to assist you in claiming exemptions from sales and use tax, as well as representing you in sales and use tax audits and appeals. From general sales and use tax, to specialty taxes like vehicle rental, tourism, recreational, and room and lodging taxes we have seen it all.

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Federal Tax

Our intimate knowledge of State and Local Tax translates to efficient help for Federal matters as well. From tax planning for income and transactions to audit representation and compliance planning. We have the resources to help keep.

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Personal Income & Corporate Franchise

Our team has represented numerous taxpayers in personal income and corporate franchise tax matters before various administrative bodies and courts. We have the experience to guide you and your company through the complexities of the tax planning and administration process. We can actively assist in the consulting and compliance phase to maximize deductions, and credits, as well as assist in audits to ensure your story is accurately portrayed.

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Corporate & Business Law

Taxes and business go hand in hand. That is why our team is also equipped to assist you with all of your corporate and business needs. In addition to tax planning, we have expertise in complex business transactions, partnership and corporate organization and administration, contract drafting, leases, licensing issues, and mergers and acquisitions.

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Excise Tax

We assist with all of those as well. Our team helps level the playing field and prepare you to encounter all taxes the state and local governments levy.

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Property Tax
Personal Income
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